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June 29 - Changelogs

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Extended Jobs is already available!



-- Added New NPCs --

Rebellion NPC

Kagerou NPC

Oboro NPC

JRO NPC ( You can now change your bodystyle )

Costume Converter w/ Stats adder ( You can make all your Headgears into costume and personalize the stats of it. (Max stat of All stats +1)


-- Sealed Bosses on Bloody Branches --

Added Sealed bosses that will drop sealed cards ( 50% effect to its original effect)

* List of Sealed Bosses :







-- Misc --

Rune Stones can now be traded
Wind of Verdure, Green/Red Live and Red Blood is already available at the Sorcerer shop.

-- Card Effect Change --
GTB Buffed to 60%

-- Skills Effect Change --
Deluge - Increase HP regardless of the armors element.

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