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XLRO Guild Packages

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We are happy to introduce to you, the community, the official Xtreme Lethal RO Guild Package!  



How to Apply:
If you would like to apply for a guild package, you must:



  • PM Me (Mynohere on the Forum with a list of all of your guild member character names 
    • You may reach out with questions on Discord in the🎭「guild-package channel.  However, all guild lists must be sent privately via the forum.
  • All guild members must have logged in at least once prior to you applying
  • A minimum of 8 members is required to qualify for a guild package
  • Only one character per MAC IP (computer based) may be eligible for a package

New Guilds Only!  

These packages will be given out by myself (Myno).  Only approved guilds will be given guild packages.  We have the right to accept or deny any applications for the guild packages.  If you are caught trying to scam the system you will be denied, and all items removed if any were given out.  Each character will be vetted through IP and MAC IP. Once approved, I will message you personally on the forum to give further instructions and to set a time/date for your guild to accept their package.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this post. 


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