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 Thank you for playing XLRO. XLRO is a free to play game that you can enjoy with your friends or if you're a solo player. however donating to XLRO will help us improve your gameplay experience and cover the fees to run the server.
Donations are purely voluntary. By donating, you’re authorizing the donation and agreeing that the amount is nonrefundable.

After donating please send a screenshot of the transaction on our facebook page or send it to MYNO#9079 At Discord so we can process the points ASAP


1 Cash point = 100 PHP / 2 USD
For every 1000PHP /20USD you'll get 2 Extra CP
1K PHP /20 USD = 10cp + 2 cp
2K PHP /40 USD = 20cp + 4 cp + 100pcs of of +10 all stats food 
3K PHP /60 USD = 30cp + 6cp + 200pcs of of +10 all stats food 
4K PHP /80 USD = 40cp +8cp + 300pcs of of +10 all stats food 
5K PHP /100 USD = 50cp + 10 cp + 400 pcs of +10 all stats food 

10K PHP / 200 USD Accumulated donate = Exclusive special Headgear ( HG of your Choice )




Paypal : 
BDO : 007 160 108 857 
GCASH : 0999 518 6581



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