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July 15 - Changelogs

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-- Added New Instance --

Old Glast Heim

1 Day Cooldown & to enter the instance you need to have a 5 man party.
Buffed monsters for 3rd job 255/120

-- Added NEW NPCs --

Temporal NPCs



Temporal Boots NPC ( prt_in 125, 79 )

This NPC will allow you to create Temporal Boots.

Temporal Boots Of Agility [0]
Temporal Boots Of Dexterity  [0]
Temporal Boots Of Intelligence [0]
Temporal Boots Of Luck [0]
Temporal Boots Of Strength [0]
Temporal Boots Of Vitality [0]

This NPC will allow you to add a slot in to your Temporal Boots ( prt_in 123 81 )


Battle Shop ( PVP/WOE SHOP )

Donate items converter

* You can now turn your donation items into cash points again (-40%) via Junk Shop at gold_mart 101, 117

Soul linker NPC at prontera

-- Misc --

Goldroom Happy hour 2PM-5PM 5AM-8AM

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