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July 8 - Changelogs

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-- Added New NPC for WOE Rewards --

Winning and Losing team will have a reward as along as you played for 20 Minutes.

-- Added New Item --

+6 Refiner and Enriched Elunium

-- Skill changes and Buffs -- 

Royal Guard - Vanishing Spear Increase damage + 100%

Sura - Gentle Touch - Revitalize + Increase skill duration of 2 minutes instead of 30 seconds

Guillotine Cross - Cross Impact Increase damage + 50%

Mechanic - Knuckle Boost + 100% Cart weight increase to 15k

Warlock - Reading Spell book Cooldown change to 15 seconds

Arch Bishop - Improve Adoramus damage to 50%

Kagerou, Oboru and Rebellion - HP Buff 


-- New Chain Quest -- 

Fairy Chain ( 127, 77 ) * Thanks Father!

-- Misc --
Re-organized Event shop w/ updated headgears
Bullets are now Weightless!
Changed the YGG weight to 10 instead of 30.
2 Max deadly Combo for rare cards are updated now.
Sealed Cards are now part of the deadly combos.
New command to Exit on PVP: @exitpvp

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