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Found 9 results

  1. --New NPCs-- Added Vote 4 points on our website Added Event Shop and Vote shop at pub area Added Box Converter for supplies in mall --Quests-- Added Kage Hat maker for the 2nd tier Black Wing set chain quest(Soon) Gold room update: Removed Homunculus inside the gold room Reverted Zombie to their original state (Luring wise) Weightless Gold --Skill Changes-- Teleport Lvl 1 should now act like a fly wing Bowling Bash Damage increased by 100% Brandish Spear Damage increased by 100% Arrow Vulcan Damage increased by 100% Sharp Shooting Damage increased by 50% Nerfed Earth Strain strip chance from 50% to 30%
  2. Extended Jobs is already available! * REBELLION * KAGEROU * OBORO -- Added New NPCs -- Rebellion NPC Kagerou NPC Oboro NPC JRO NPC ( You can now change your bodystyle ) Costume Converter w/ Stats adder ( You can make all your Headgears into costume and personalize the stats of it. (Max stat of All stats +1) -- Sealed Bosses on Bloody Branches -- Added Sealed bosses that will drop sealed cards ( 50% effect to its original effect) * List of Sealed Bosses : FBH IFRIT Kiel Gloom Randgris -- Misc -- Rune Stones can now be traded Wind of Verdure, Green/Red Live and Red Blood is already available at the Sorcerer shop. -- Card Effect Change -- GTB Buffed to 60% -- Skills Effect Change -- Deluge - Increase HP regardless of the armors element.
  3. --- Fixes --- Boosted Masquerade-Weakness to 50% chance Fixed NPC Locations Fixed Aimed bolt Fixed Slot rate for Temporal boots Fixed @exitpvp onced hit there will be a 10 sec cooldown Fixed Sigrun's helm (+) Fixed Shinywings (+) Fixed Hourly points system. ( If you got disconnected the time will still continue onced logged in. ) --- New Events --- Added New items @ cash shop Added Daily rewards Added Bossnia Event (ALL BOSS MONSTERS ARE AVAILABLE EXPECT LHZ MOBS) Added new time slots for X2 MOBS @ GOLD ROOM : M-W-F ( 2PM-5PM & 5AM-8AM ) T-TH-WEEKENED (7PM-12AM & 9AM-3PM) --- Additional --- Added Sealed Berzebub @ Bloody branch
  4. -- Added New NPCs -- Added Mall Warper NPC Added Sex Changer NPC Added Levelling guide w/ auto warp -- Misc -- Boost Box of thunder effect by 15% Enabled @WOE Command New costumes @ Costumes NPC Updated Item description -- Card Effect Change -- Boost Moonlight flower card speed from 25% to 45% -- Removed NPCs -- Disguise NPC Auctioneer NPC
  5. -- Added New Instance -- Old Glast Heim 1 Day Cooldown & to enter the instance you need to have a 5 man party. Buffed monsters for 3rd job 255/120 -- Added NEW NPCs -- Temporal NPCs Battle Shop ( PVP/WOE SHOP ) Donate items converter * You can now turn your donation items into cash points again (-40%) via Junk Shop at gold_mart 101, 117 Soul linker NPC at prontera -- Misc -- Goldroom Happy hour 2PM-5PM 5AM-8AM
  6. -- Added New NPC for WOE Rewards -- Winning and Losing team will have a reward as along as you played for 20 Minutes. -- Added New Item -- +6 Refiner and Enriched Elunium -- Skill changes and Buffs -- Royal Guard - Vanishing Spear Increase damage + 100% Sura - Gentle Touch - Revitalize + Increase skill duration of 2 minutes instead of 30 seconds Guillotine Cross - Cross Impact Increase damage + 50% Mechanic - Knuckle Boost + 100% Cart weight increase to 15k Warlock - Reading Spell book Cooldown change to 15 seconds Arch Bishop - Improve Adoramus damage to 50% Kagerou, Oboru and Rebellion - HP Buff -- New Chain Quest -- Fairy Chain ( 127, 77 ) * Thanks Father! -- Misc -- Re-organized Event shop w/ updated headgears Bullets are now Weightless! Changed the YGG weight to 10 instead of 30. 2 Max deadly Combo for rare cards are updated now. Sealed Cards are now part of the deadly combos. New command to Exit on PVP: @exitpvp
  7. -- Added -- Added New quest HG - prt_in 46 102 Added Rough Runestones to Rune Knight Shop - @GOMALL -- Misc -- Updated headgear item descriptions and atributes. Hourly NPC food and giftbox food is now 30MNS Disabled Skills at Castle Entrance . Ice Wall . Manhole . Chaos Panic -- Card Effect Change -- Buffed Golden Thief Bug Card to 25%
  8. -- New NPC -- Costume NPC - prt_in 38 116 Hourly Shop NPC - prontera 139 154 "Tool Dealer" NPC for +5 Foods and EDP/Glistening Coat - turbo_room 106 117 -- Misc -- Adjusted EXP RATIO to 6K instead of 5k Adjusted Guild Cap to 20 / No Allies Added Stones for Rune knight at @ Rune Knight NPC
  9. -- Misc -- Reduced monster spawns from x3 to x1 Reduced Gold room spawns from 3000 to 1500 Removed v4p in website (Compensation will be given soon) Fixed homunculus auto feed (Hopefully it works properly) --Quests-- Added Upgraded White Wing set in splendide. (Icarus) --Skill-- Adjusted Guillotine Cross Left hand penalty Adjusted Crescent elbow reflect