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  1. The players can not reenter this instance if the players happen to exit this instance before the instance is done (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn). It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case the players died on the middle of the instance. Most of the monsters here are Insect race and Poison elemental. Bring various elemental armor to help survive the damage from Faceworm Queen. Poison armor or undead armor will nullify the numerous poison damage in this instance. Spell Breaker can be used to interrupt various enemy skill and deals damage. To start this quest you can go to prontera and look for the warper > Instances > Faceworm Nest . The instance needs to be done in 1 hour. It can be done solo or in a party, and the difficulty setting can be chosen in the beginning when talking to Chaos. Inside the Faceworm Nest are Faceworms to kill. There are four main types of Faceworms to kill, three of which are required to be killed in order to move on. Regular Faceworms Dark Faceworms (can use painful Water Ball) Faceworm Queen (info in part 5) Faceworm Larva (traps, not necessary to kill) The Faceworm Nest instance is divided into five parts. When the boss of each part is killed, a treasure chest appears that can be clicked on that drops a garment, Giant Faceworm Snake Skin. Part 1: Scattered around the map are Savage, Greatest General, and Beetle King, which do not need to be killed. Also present around the map are mounds of dirt. Walking near them will trigger numerous Faceworm Larva, except while being invisible (e.g. Cloaking, Camouflage. Though they do not need to be killed to continue the instance, it is advised to get rid of them quickly as they move fast and can get in the way. The Faceworms can take some time to kill, having over 400,000 HP per Faceworm, but are generally slow, but do hit for a lot. Once all Faceworms are killed, the Dark Faceworm will spawn in the bottom right of the map. This Faceworm has 5 million HP. Eggs will spawn near it that will have a cast bar. Once the cast bar finishes, the eggs will heal the Faceworm. Once killed, the treasure chest will appear, and the portal will open up in the bottom right area near the large rock pile where the Dark Faceworm had spawned. Proceed through the portal to enter part 2 of the instance. Part 2: Talk to Iris and Chaos once again. After they finished talking, Faceworms will spawn again and they will need to be killed once more. Once all the Faceworms are killed, the Dark Faceworm will spawn in the north of the map. Like before, this Faceworm has 5 million HP. Also like before, there will be eggs that spawn that can heal it when their cast finishes. The Dark Faceworm can cast Water Ball, which may be mitigated by wearing water element armor. Once killed, the second treasure chest will appear and the portal to part 3 will appear. The portal is at the very south of the map, to the right of the portal that was used to enter part 2. Part 3: Iris and Chaos are nowhere to be found. However, a high number of poison sacks will now spawn whenever players reach certain areas and they will respawn whenever players walk near. These poison sacks have a very slow timer and when they reach zero, they will explode and deals moderate fire damage, so the players should move away from them. Although the damage can be avoided with either Kyrie Eleison or Hide, standing near too many poison sacks can prove fatal if unavoided. However, the poison sacks can be killed fairly easily. Like the mounds of dirt on part 1, being invisible won't trigger the poison sacks. The narrow canyon area on the first half on this part won't have any Faceworms. Follow the path north to the large open area to find more Faceworms to kill, while also being careful of the poison sacks. The Dark Faceworm will spawn in the north area with 5 million HP as before. This time, instead of eggs, poison sacks will appear to help hinder players and heal the Dark Faceworm. Once killed, the third treasure chest will appear and the portal to part 4 will appear in the bottom right of the fourth area. Do note poison sacks will continue spawning if players approach the area so proceed to the next area with caution. Part 4: Still no sign of Chaos and Iris. Instead, large clouds of bubbly poison fills numerous areas of this part. Approaching the center of any of the poisons will deal continuous neutral damage at a high rate, killing players rapidly. This damage can be avoided with Kyrie Eleison and Hide like the poison sacks in part 3, but it is better advised to avoid walking too close to the centers. Kill all the Faceworms in this area, while being careful of the poison. Since the poisonous area can heal the Faceworms, it is advised not to fight them inside it. The Dark Faceworm spawns in the west area this time. While also having eggs again to heal it, there will also be clouds of poison that spawn near it when fighting this Faceworm. Avoid the poison if possible while killing the beast. When this Faceworm dies, the fourth treasure chest will appear, along with the portal on the west that will lead to the final area. Beware of the poison as it will not go away. Part 5: Iris and Chaos are here now, and once the party leader talks to them, the Faceworm Queen will soon spawn. The Faceworm Queen has an extraordinarily high amount of HP, 28m + (2m*party members number) to be exact. The Faceworm Queen proves to be a formidable foe with her high amount of HP and devastating attacks. She can cast a powerful Water Ball, Storm Gust, and even Earthquake. The Faceworm Queen will start in Poison mode, and can change her element randomly to Fire, Earth, Water, or Wind. An announcement will be shown when she does so. While fighting the Faceworm Queen, Chaos will tell players to move the Queen to a certain direction. Doing so will allow Chaos to deal a high amount of damage to her, helping to kill her faster. Beware of moving her too far out from the middle however, or she will become enraged. She will use everything from the previous rooms, namely the egg healing, the poison sacks, and the poison clouds. Spell Breaker can be used to interrupt her skills and deals damage to her. After killing the Faceworm Queen, the final treasure chest will appear, which contains Giant Faceworm Snake Skins. A Transport Device will also spawn to allow players to head back to the Dimensional Space. The players can now search for Merchant Prince's Box scattered through the instance, which when opened will gives various loots. The number and location of the treasure boxes is supposedly random.
  2. You can not reenter this instance if you happen to exit this instance before the instance done (e.g. disconnected, died then respawn). It is suggested to bring Token of Siegfried in case you die on the middle of the instance. All monsters in this instance are either Demon, Demi-Human or Undead (race), and have Undead, Shadow, Ghost, Wind or Earth element. All monsters have moderate chance to drop Gray Shard, which is required to purchase equipments and weapons at the end of the instance. Some monsters like Dullahans, Dark Frames and Khalitzburgs also drop Herb of Incantation (MATK+30 for 1 minute) and Distilled Fighting Spirit (ATK+30 for 1 minute). You can steal from all the monsters in the instance for extra Gray Shards, this includes the Tortuous Redeemer. To start this quest you can go to prontera and look for the warper > Instances > Ghost Palace Talk to Unpleasant Royal Guard in Dimensional Gorge ( dali02 43, 129) to start the quest: When instance is ready, click on Dimensional Device and select Enter. You have 1 hour to complete this instance. Talk to King to start. You will see Sakray is appointed as Princess Tiara's bodyguard for her marriage with a prince. Somehow you see monsters attack the palace. Kill all of those monsters to open portal to second stage (north end of room). Monsters: Bloody Murderer, Ragged Zombie. Talk to Sakray (132, 122). Somehow the monsters are still attacking the palace. Clear the monsters to open portal to 3rd stage (117, 137). Monsters: Dark Frame, Flame Skull, Wind Ghost. You will be inside a prison. Talk to King (32, 54) to advance the quest. Sakray is accused as the culprit behind the monsters attack. Cursed Spirit Thanatos will grant him the way out. Kill every monster on every jail chamber until announcement that the exit portal appears (54, 28). Quickly go to southeast corner portal as a big mob of undeads come at you. No need to kill them, but this is a good place to farm Gray Shard since this is the stage where most number of mobs appear. Monsters: Skeleton Prisoner, Zombie Prisoner, Ghoul. Kill the monsters. After enough monster killed, you will see king and his soldier fall on the ground. Talk to Prince, you will see that he is the real culprit. He will transform into Torturous Redeemer. Kill it and make sure to grab Gray Shard from it since it drops 2. Kill the last monster to open next portal (southwest corner). Monsters: Khalitzburg, Bloody Murderer. You will be inside the prison again. Talk to Princess Tiara (216, 43), and you will find out that she is dying. Kill monsters in every jail chamber until another Torturous Redeemer come. No need to kill it since Sakray will do the job. Talk to Sakray (196, 44). Now Sakray already changed, granted new power from Thanatos Spirit. Monsters: Dullahan, Skogul, Skeleton Prisoner This marks the end of the instance. An exit portal will appear in south east (210, 28). Before you go, you can talk to King (205, 29) to trade Gray Shards for Thanatos weapons and Gray equipment. Each weapon requires 200 Gray Shards and each Gray equipment requires 100 Gray Shards. See section below for list of weapons and equipment. When you go to exit portal, you will get 2 Gray Shards as reward in completing the instance as well as EXP. Talk to Unpleasant Royal Guard again after 23 hours to repeat the instance. Thanatos Weapons Talk to the King before exiting the instance to exchange Gray Shards for weapons.
  3. The Endless Tower is an increasingly difficult set of challenges. Participating parties make their way up the 100 floor tower, with a special boss encounter against Entweihen Knothen on the 100th floor, and Naght Sieger afterwards. These battles function similar to the Izlude Arena, with players being required to defeat all monsters on a particular floor before the door to the next can open. Once on a floor, players are unable to go backwards; thus the only ways to leave the tower are to die and respawn, leave the Party, log out, use a Butterfly Wing, or walk into a Warp Portal. The following skills are disabled inside the tower: Teleport Ice Wall Snatch Shield Reflect Fiber Lock Leap Extreme Vacuum Warg Bite Reflect Damage 1. In Alberta, talk to Captain Janssen (214, 77) and donate 10,000 Zeny. Captain Janssen's Location 2. Listen to him and agree to be his first mate so he will bring you to the Endless Tower Island. 3. After reaching the island, your party leader must speak with the Tower Protection Stone. They then must generate the Endless Tower Dungeon instance. 4. After an instance is created, the party will have 5 minutes to enter the dungeon, or else the dungeon will be destroyed. If the dungeon is destroyed, the party leader will not be make a new instance for 6 days 20 hours. A party may leave the tower, but they must return to the tower in 5 minutes. The party will have 4 hours to finish the dungeon. If in 4 hours they do not finish, all players in the dungeon will be warped out and sent back to their save points. Note: A window will appear showing pertinent time limits for the dungeon. If it is closed, it can be opened again using the shortcut Alt+B. Warning: If any party member disconnects while inside the dungeon, they will be kicked out and sent back to their save point! Warning: Taming any monster or killing the last monster on a floor with a mercenary will cause the instance to not register the kill, and the portal to the next floor will not open. Each party member is given 2 Ashes of Darkness upon entering the tower. Ashes of Darkness are used to reenter the tower. They cannot be dropped, traded, Mailed or placed in Carts and have 0 weight but can be sold to an NPC or placed in Kafra storage. If a player is forced to leave the tower, they can re-enter by talking to the stone on the Misty Island again. An Ashes of Darkness will automatically be subtracted from the player's inventory. If the player has no more Ashes of Darkness remaining, he will not be able to reenter. The exit portal on the 1st floor will warp the player to the 51st floor if they have cleared the 50th floor. The Endless Tower instance lasts until the party either gives up or runs out of time, after which time all players will be teleported out of the dungeon. There is no limit on how many instances a party can create within the 4 hour limit. A new instance can be created under a different party leader if the previous instance was destroyed. Once the time limit is up, there is a 6 day 20 hour cooldown period for all party members in which they cannot enter a new Endless Tower instance. However, additional instances will not allow access to additional MVPs.
  4. Mixture and Counteragent Mixture and Counteragent Quest - Step 1 - Alberta Merchant Louitz alberta_in (130, 54) Inside the big house at the North of Alberta Town Go in, walk upstair, enter the room at the end of the hallway Ingredient(s) Product(s) Alcohol x 1 Detrimindexta x 1 Karvodailnirol x 1 Not Applicable You must have all 3 items listed above in order to open the menu option 'More about Solutions'. He will tell you to talk to Aure Dupon in Geffen for more information. He will not take your items but you need to have them in your inventory to open the option to talk about them. Mixture and Counteragent Quest - Step 2 - Geffen Aure Dupon Geffen (181, 114) East side of Geffen under a street light Ingredient(s) Product(s) Not Applicable Not Applicable Talk to him, ask him More about Morgenstein. He will tell you where to find Morgenstein. Mixture and Counteragent Quest - Step 2 - Morgenstein Morgenstein geffen_in (141, 140) 2nd floor of Geffen's [old] Blasksmith Guild 5 o'clock position of Geffen Ingredient(s) Product(s) -- Counteragent Ingredients -- Alcohol x 1 Detrimindexta x 1 Empty Bottle x 1 -- Mixture Ingredients -- Alcohol x 1 Karvodailnirol x 1 Empty Bottle x 1 -- Counteragent Result -- Counteragent x 1 -- Mixture Result -- Mixture x 1 Talk to him, ask about his research. If you are doing the Alchemist Job Quest, up to this part you have completed your task. After you asked about his research, talk to him again if you want to make a Mixture or Counteragent. There will be options for each solutions. Cost: Each Mixture cost 4000z, Each Counteragent cost 3000z.
  5. DYE Making Guide Dye Type Ingredients NPC and Location Map Location Scarlet Dyestuffs 30 Red Herb 1 Counteragent 1 Empty Bottle 3,000 Zeny Java Dullihan Inside Morroc (morocc_in 146, 99) Lemon Dyestuffs 30 Yellow Herb 1 Counteragent 1 Empty Bottle 3,000 Zeny White Dyestuffs 30 White Herb 1 Counteragent 1 Empty Bottle 3,000 Zeny Orange Dyestuffs 20 Red Herb 20 Yellow Herb 1 Counteragent 1 Mixture 1 Empty Bottle 5,000 Zeny Green Dyestuffs 5 Blue Herb 20 Green Herb 20 Yellow Herb 1 Counteragent 1 Mixture 1 Empty Bottle 5,000 Zeny Cobalt Blue Dyestuffs 20 Blue Herb 1 Counteragent 1 Empty Bottle 3,600 Zeny Violet Dyestuffs 10 Blue Herb 30 Red Herb 1 Counteragent 1 Mixture 1 Empty Bottle 5,000 Zeny Black Dyestuffs 30 Red Herb 30 Yellow Herb 30 Green Herb 5 Blue Herb 1 Counteragent 1 Mixture 1 Empty Bottle 7,000 Zeny
  6. We are happy to introduce to you, the community, the official Xtreme Lethal RO Guild Package! How to Apply: If you would like to apply for a guild package, you must: PM Me (Myno) here on the Forum with a list of all of your guild member character names You may reach out with questions on Discord in thešŸŽ­ć€Œguild-package channel. However, all guild lists must be sent privately via the forum. All guild members must have logged in at least once prior to you applying A minimum of 8 members is required to qualify for a guild package Only one character per MAC IP (computer based) may be eligible for a package New Guilds Only! These packages will be given out by myself (Myno). Only approved guilds will be given guild packages. We have the right to accept or deny any applications for the guild packages. If you are caught trying to scam the system you will be denied, and all items removed if any were given out. Each character will be vetted through IP and MAC IP. Once approved, I will message you personally on the forum to give further instructions and to set a time/date for your guild to accept their package. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this post.
  7. Rune Knight Guide *Dragon Breath Build* (PVP,WOE) *There are two kinds of the skill Dragon Breath Water And Dragon Breath Fire* *Dragon Breath Water- the damage of this skill is depending on the stats of the RK it has a freezing status also. (HIGH hp is a must) *Dragon Breath Fire- and this one is depending on the condition of the RK. it has a chance of causing burning status on enemy. Starting Equipment: * Headgear (upper,mid,lower) - Head Protector of Lightning (Orc Hero Card +3 vit) - Shinywings Pink (Orc Hero Card +3 vit) - White Gangster Scarf * Armor - White Wing Suit (Tao gunka Card for additional MAXHP +100%) * Weapon - Any 1 handed +10 weapon of your choice as long as it is 4 slot (4x Archer Skeleton Card increase 10% damage of long range attacks) * Shield - Bradium Shield (Andre egg card max HP +5%) * Garment - Flame manteau of naght sieger (with Aliot card +5% maxHP and +1 str) * Boots - White Wing Boots (Green Ferus Card +10% max HP and +1 vit) * Accessory - x2 Merchant Figure (2x Spore Card +2 vit for each card) Alternative Equipment and cards i recommend - Headgear (upper,mid) 2x Kiel card so you can spam the Dragon Breath water and fire skill - Armor (Peco peco card +10% max HP if you still dont have Tao gunka) - Weapon (as it is) - Shield (Thara frog card reduce 30% damage from demihuman) - Garment (Raydric card or Noxious card) - Boots (Matry card +10% max HP) - Accessory (Erende Card for Pneuma anti long range physical attacks and Alligator card for reduce damge to long range attacks) - ALL ITEMS IN CASH SHOP!!!! ./SLUR Skills i use: - Aura Blade - Enchats the equipped weapon with an aura that will grant additional damage that is affected by the caster's base level - Concentration - This skill endows the caster with endure effect and increase ATK and HIT - Enchant blade - Enchants blade with magic allowing you to deal additional magic with your physical atk for 5minutes. - Death Bound - Amplifies and retaliates damage received towards your attacker. (This are all buffs for RK i activate it before i cast Dragon Breath skills.) *Stat Build this is my current build.(You can adjust yours if needed.) - STR=50+ - AGI=100+ - VIT=255 - DEX=JUST AIM FOR NO CAST - INT=170+ (*Note= Dragon Breath skills is not a magic atk but int adds damage to it) - LUK=50+ *Consumable Items i recommend - Hp Increase Potion for extra boost of HP - +10 and +20 foods (all stats boost) *NOTE: As you can NOTICE the cards are all HP boost because the damage for this kind of build is depending on the HP of the RK the higher the better.
  8. Introduction Old Glast Heim is the only source of Temporal Crystals, Coagulated Spells and Contaminated Magic. All three reagents are used in creating/enchanting Temporal Boots. Temporal Boots combos with Giant Snake Skin to give one of the strongest sets while also providing powerful stats on its own. The Holy element is most effective in this instance, therefore it is recommended to have an Arch Bishop in your party to cast Aspersio. For new players, it is also recommended to bring Yggdrasil Leaf and Token of Siegfried. In order for you to enter you need to have a party of 4 playing members. Level 1 To enter this instance, talk to the Warper NPC and select Instances: Old Glast Heim. Talk to Hugins /navi glast_01 204/273, the party leader has to select the difficulty and generate the instance. Speak to him a 2nd time to enter the instance. After entering the instance, the party leader needs to speak to Varmunt, he will warn you about valkyrie Himelmez. Head north and speak to Heinrich green square. This will trigger a dialogue between Heinrich and Himelmez. After their conversation, Corrupted Abysmal Knight and Suffering Khalitzburg will spawn. Heinrich will kill them after some time but it is recommended to kill them for Coagulated Spells and Contaminated Magic. A warp will activate at the west left yellow square, enter it and start killing monsters until a message "Himelmez drains the souls of the dead" appears. Party leader then has to speak to Butcher left purple square. Using the right camera angle, it is possible to speak with the butcher through the wall, saving you the hassle of having to run to him. Another warp right yellow square will spawn, enter it. Avoid going near the dead body as it will spawn a swarm of Maggot Start clearing monsters until the message of "Himelmez drains the souls of the dead" appears. The party leader then has to speak with Blacksmith right purple square in order to proceed. Enter the warp upper yellow square that spawned and continue to clear mobs. Once enough mobs has been cleared, Himelmez, Varmundt and Hienrich will all spawn at red square. Once the NPCs finish their conversation, Root of Corruption will spawn. Please take note that you will have to be in the same screen as the MVP as it dies or you will not receive credit for the kill. After killing the MVP, ALL party members MUST speak to Varmundt red square to receive 1X Temporal Crystals. You will be unable to receive the final reward of the instance if you do not speak with him. Level 2 Head north and enter level 2 where you will find Varmundt and Heinrich. After their conversation, a warp left yellow square will spawn to the north of them. Enter it and start to kill monsters. Once enough monsters have been slain, Agony of the Royal Knight will spawn. You will need to kill him to proceed. Exit the room and enter the warp on the right right yellow square. Start killing monsters until Grudge of the Royal Knight spawn. Kill him to proceed. Head north and prepare for the final encounter. Do note that you will be unable to exit the room once you entered until either your party has wiped or the final MVP is killed. It is advisable to ensure everyone is alive and ready to enter before going in. Head further north after entering the warp upper yellow square and speak to Heinrich red square. Himelmez will transform the final survivor into Amdarais Upon killing Amdarais, Hugin /navi 2@gl_k 158/241 will spawn in the middle of the room. Speak to him to receive Temporal Crystals. At this point the instance is completed, however there is a secret room where you can get additional loot in level 1. Head back to level one and enter the secret room by talking to the fountain /navi 1@gl_k 268/268. In the secret room, talk to the glass displays /navi 1@gl_k 170/136 to unlock the treasure and profit. Cards The following cards are obtainable from monsters in Old Glast Heim instance. Card Type Description Agony of Royal Knight Card Armor Card MaxHP -44%. When killing monsters using physical attacks, recover 200 HP. Every refine level, increase HP recovered by 10. When the armor is unequipped, drain 4444 HP. If equipped with Grudge of Royal Knight Card, increase resistance against Neutral property attacks by 20%, Flee +20, lose 100 HP and 6 SP every 6 seconds. Grudge of Royal Knight Card Garment Card MaxSP -44%. When killing monsters using physical attacks, recover 20 SP. Every refine level, increase SP recovered by 10. When the garment is unequipped, drain 444 SP. If equipped with Agony of Royal Knight Card, increase resistance against Neutral property attacks by 20%, Flee +20, lose 100 HP and 6 SP every 6 seconds. Corruption Root Card Weapon Card ATK +20. When using melee physical attacks, has a high chance to autocast Petrification, Sleep, and Curse on all monsters in 5x5 AoE centered around the wearer. Amdarais Card Armor Card ATK +15%, MATK +15%. Every 4 seconds, lose 666 HP and 66 SP. When the armor is unequipped, drain 6666 HP and 666 SP. Realized Corruption Root Card Weapon Card ATK +30. When using melee physical attacks, has a high chance to autocast Petrification, Sleep, and Curse on all monsters in 11x11 AoE centered around the wearer. Realized Amdarais Card Armor Card ATK +20%, MATK +20%. Every 6 seconds, lose 666 HP and 66 SP. When the armor is unequipped, drain 6666 HP and 666 SP.
  9. You will be able to discover the charms and wonders of a place never seen before... A place where it said that all the souls of evil creatures that have been annihilated gather to recover their forcesā€¦ That place is called Bossnia. Requirements to Enter:1,000 Mithril Coins ( 10B Zeny)Where to Start?: Bossnia Warper ( Prt_in 129 69)NOTE: One run is good for one round only, once you get out of the room, whether you like it or not, you will need to pay again to enter the dungeon.
  10. Introducing our daily rewards! All you have to do is be online for 1 hour to get your Daily Rewards!
  11. Simple Guide for Fairy Quest: 1. Go to prt_in 127 78 to start the quest. STEP 2: Talk to the Fairy NPC at mjolnir_06 164 289 STEP 3: Talk to the Guard at tur_dun02 54 254 STEP 4 TALK TO THE FAIRY KING yggdrasil01 93 231 - END OF FIRST CHAPTER - STEP 1: TALK AGAIN TO THE KING. STEP 2: LOOK FOR THE QUEEN AT GONRYUN STEP 3: GO BACK TO THE KING STEP 4: TALK TO THE GRAVE AND TYPE IN ( F L O W E R S )
  12. Now to get access to the town of Splendide you have to finish these 2 quests: Onward to the New World Quest: New Surroundings Quest: Once these 2 quests are finished you can get access to these maps. To get to the NPC you can warp to Midgarts Expedition Camp (@warp mid_camp) Talk to the Guard NPC at the left side of the map (mid_camp 19 144) Note: if you have not done the prerequisite quests yet he will not let you through After talking to the guard to let you in. Go to the left most portal to go the the Town of Splendide When you get to the town just walk towards the middle of it and find this building (splendide 170 164) Go inside and you will find Icarus. Icarus (NPC): Located in spl_in01 199 306 (Just like the NPC for the White Wing Equipment you'll just have to bring him the materials needed for the items) Requirements: Item ID - Name - Pieces needed Upgraded White Wing Suit [1]: 100,000,000 Zeny 15042 - White Wing Suit [1] - 1 6033 - Horn of Tendrillion - 5 6089 - Dark Piece - 10 6021 - Peaked Hat - 350 671 - Gold Coin - 50 Upgraded White Wing Boots [1]: 100,000,000 Zeny 2479 - White Wing Boots [1] - 1 12346 - Unripe Acorn - 5 6086 - Withered Flower - 50 7188 - Brown Root - 1000 671 - Gold Coin - 50 Upgraded White Wing Manteau [1]: 100,000,000 Zeny 2580 - White Wing Manteau [1] - 1 6073 - Dragon's Mane - 500 7008 - Stiff Horn - 5 6023 - Mystic Horn - 350 671 - Gold Coin - 50 Upgraded White Wing Shield [1] 100,000,000 Zeny 2174 - White Wing Shield [1] - 1 6090 - Refined Bradium - 500 6075 - Crystalized Teardrop - 300 671 - Gold Coin - 50
  13. 1. Look for the Old Man in Payon and listen to his story. (payon 194 306) 2. After listening to his story he will then warp to an Unknown Old Man in Amatsu (amatsu 277 252) Talk to him and he will as you to gather 200 Fragment(item ID 7094). After gathering the fragments talk to him again. He will then ask you to find the Kazekage. 3. You can find the Kazekage at (pay_fild03 159 211) talk to him and just like the Unknown old man he will ask you to gather some stuff. He will ask you to get 500 pieces of racoon leaf (item code 945). After getting 500 pieces of this, talk to the Kazekage again, and he will ask you to look for the Tsuchikage. 4. You can fine the Tsuchikage at (moc_fild16 217 309) he will also make you gather 500 pieces of earthworm peeling (item ID 1055) just like the past 2 npcs after gathering the items just talk to them again and he will then ask you to find the Mizukage. 5. The Mizukage can be found at (iz_dun05 144 92) talk to the NPC and he will ask you to go the hokage. 6 The Hokage can be found at (thor_v02 44 33) Talk to the hokage and he will supposedly give you the Kage Room Key. 7. When you have the Kage Room Key go back to the Unknown Old Man at Amatsu, while having the Kage Room Key in your inventory he will then ask you if you would want to go to the Kage Room. There will be one NPC waiting there.
  14. Warning: If you do NOT intend to finish the entire quest at one time, you should be aware that once you obtain the Keys (possibly the stones as well), they cannot be put into storage or dropped. Also, at some point past Tower 3F, when you log out, you will be sent back to your save point. On Thanatos Tower 1F find the Representative NPC (tha_t01 149, 78) who is looking for recruits for those wishing to explore the tower. Sign up with her for the quest. A guide on Thanatos Tower 2F tha_t02231161 blocks the entrance to 3F. You will need to gather 5 or more players near the Entrance Guide NPC for the guide open the door to 3F. It's not required that you be in the same party to enter. If you have not received the quest from step 1, you will not be able to enter this portal. On 3F tha_t036667 you'll find a Rune Device in the southwest corner. Using a Lv. 4 weapon, you can pry the device open, obtaining a Red Key. On 4F tha_t04191195 you'll find a second Rune Device in the northeast corner tha_t04185188 is sufficient if you walked from the portal. The device is visible from outside the wall. The mechanism can be opened by solving a puzzle, similar to mastermind if you've ever played it. The machine will guess 3 numbers between 1 and 9 (none repeating), and you will be required to crack the password. Each round you can guess 3 numbers from 1-9 (no repeats) and the machine will inform you how many of the numbers you chose were correct and in the proper location, and how many numbers are correct but not in the right location. You have 5 rounds to guess the correct code or you will be required to restart. When you correctly complete this puzzle, you will obtain a Yellow Key. Note: if you'd like help finding the number, try this site. On 5F tha_t0559178 in the top left corner, click the Eagle Statue. Insert the Red Key into the crack, followed by the Yellow Key. You will receive a Blue Key. On 6F tha_t06226226 in the very northeast corner, there will be a Gorgeous Statue. The dialog lets you adjust 5 wheels. You will want to adjust them so that they are all in the same configuration, one solution is: First Wheel - Option 1 Second Wheel - Option 2 Third Wheel - Option 3 Fourth Wheel - Option 1 Fifth Wheel - Option 1 Here you will obtain the Green Key. Also on 6F tha_t06200181 walk south and you will find the last mechanism inside a fireplace. Choose the 2nd option each time to obtain the Black Key. Once you've obtained all 5 colored keys enter the portal at the center to go to the next floor tha_t06120119. The Black Key will transform itself into the Black Charm Stone. Note: You cannot enter the portal unless you have all five Keys. If you have any Charm Stones, you must sell them at an NPC first, then collect the corresponding Key before attempting to enter 7F. Players who would like to access the 7-9th floor for hunting purposes only need to complete the quest up to this point. However, since the Black Key is transformed into a Charm Stone upon entering the 7th floor, players will need to discard it (by selling to an NPC) and repeat the 7th step before entering 7F for every journey. On 8F tha_t084665 you will find a set of Shining Crystals a few step to the east where you warped in. Talk to it, and one of your keys will transform into the corresponding charm stone. Note: The shining crystals on 8F rearrange themselves every 30 min, if they rearrange while you are between steps 9 and 12, you may need to back track to the start of the level. Side-edit: This guide was last updated in 2010, so confirmation of this NOTE is needed. Talk to the 2nd set of Shining Crystals at tha_t0847147 in the northwest. Talk to it, and one of your keys will transform into the corresponding charm stone. Talk to the 3rd set of Shining Crystals at tha_t0894150 in the northeast. Talk to it, and one of your keys will transform into the corresponding charm stone. Talk to the last set of Shining Crystals at tha_t089359 in the southeast. Talk to it, and one of your keys will transform into the corresponding charm stone. Note: You should have Black, Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue Charm Stones before proceeding. With all the magical charm stones, you are now ready to open the pathway to the top of the tower. Make your way to the uppermost floor at the portal in the southeast corner tha_t0811243. Continue traveling up the floors and staircase until you reach the 12th floor. On the 12th floor, start by placing the Yellow Charm Stone into the Gold religious statue tha_t1215956 in the northeast direction. Walk south and place the Green Charm Stone into the Green wiseman statue tha_t1215117 in the southeast direction. Then place the Blue Charm Stone into the third statue tha_t1210418 *Needs confirmation*) in the southwest direction. Place the Red Charm Stone into the fourth statue tha_t129658 *Needs confirmation*) in the northwest direction. Finally, place the Black Charm Stone into the Dark Devil Statue tha_t1212983 in the north direction. The pathway to the top of the tower should now appear in the center of the floor. On the southeast platform you'll find a magic circle thana_boss217167. For this you will need to have a Fragment of Agony or you will be unable to proceed. Walk over the magic circle and enter "Fragment of Agony". At this time, a Dolor of Thanatos will appear. Once the first wave of monsters is defeated, proceed to the northeast platform thana_boss20275. This time you will need a Fragment of Misery. Without this item, you will be unable to proceed. Place the "Fragment of Misery" in the magic circle, a Maero of Thanatos will appear. On the northwest platform thana_boss8076, you will need a Fragment of Despair. When you place the "Fragment of Despair", a Despero of Thanatos will appear. On the southwest platform thana_boss62171, you will need a Fragment of Hatred. When you place the "Fragment of Hatred", an Odium of Thanatos will appear. Once all 4 ghosts have been defeated, the party will be summoned to (xx, yy) on the north platform and after a short speech, Memory of Thanatos will spawn directly next to them. Following Thanatos' defeat, the party will have a short amount of time (20 seconds *Needs second confirmation*) to pick up the drops before getting force warped back to 12F. There will be a map-wide announcement that will count down until you're warped. There will be a 2 hour cooldown before he can be summoned again by anyone.
  15. 1. Talk to the Agent on the lower level of the International Airship (airplane_01 94, 59) (He'll pop out of nowhere). He tells you to go visit Father Bamph in the Prontera Church (prt_church 181, 106) . 2. Meet with Father Bamph in Prontera. He tells you to meet with a contact in the Comodo Casino by the name of Larjes concerning a missing Midgard official. 3. On the first floor (lower level) of the Comodo Casino (comodo 140, 115) you'll see an "Ordinary Man" (cmd_in02 174, 89) . After talking to him he will pull you aside to talk. Talk to him once more, and he'll ask you to return to Father Bamph. 4. Return to Father Bamph. Keep talking to him until he makes up his mind about what to do. He ask for your help, and send you to Rachel to investigate. He also gives you zeny for the airship. (5000 zeny) 5. In the Rachel Inn (rachel 115, 147) , talk to the Waiter (ra_in01 308, 59) and tell him you wish to order. You will overhear a conversation concerning a famous "fish" caught near Veins. After the conversation you will spend 3,000 Zeny (if you have it) and obtain 4 Assorted Seafood. 6. Proceed to Veins and in a building on the left end of the city veins86170, talk to the Magistrate by the name of Al Hamad. Ask him if he's in trouble. When he gives you the brushoff, talk to the guard by the door, and then come back and question Al Hamad further. He will tell you that you need a written order from a high ranking official in order to divulge information. 7. Go to High Priest Zhed in the Rachel Sanctuary ra_temin278159. Note that you must have completed the Veins Siblings Quest in order to advance further. 8. Outside of the sanctuary, you'll need to talk to the High Priest Niren ra_temple16557, and inquire about the smugglers. She will send you back to the Magistrate. 9. Return to the Magistrate. He will provide you with some more information regarding the smugglers. 10. Go to the Veins tavern veins149217 and speak to the first Drunkard. He babbles about his fishing boat. 11. Talk to his son, Karyn veins327185, who you helped during the Veins Siblings Quest. He'll let you use his father's boat to access the monastery. 12. South of Veins you'll find a boat. ve_fild07128131 When you investigate it, you'll be greeted by Larjes. Talk to Larjes or use the boat to go to the Nameless Island. 13. You'll need to investigate the island. There are triggers just west of the docks and inside a house near the top center, but these are not required. To continue, click on the Dead Crow nameless_i125205 and investigate it. (On fRO, you needn't to investigate the Dead Crow, you just need to move close to the beds in the house nameless_i167255.) 14. Once you wake up, you'll find yourself inside a house with Larjes. When you attempt to leave the house, you'll be attacked by a Zombie Slaughter. The monster must be killed before the house can be exited. There is no death penalty if you die at this encounter. After you leave the house, you will be able to freely enter and leave Nameless Island night map. Note: Once you leave the house, you will be on the Nameless Island (Night) map, where there are numerous aggressive monsters. You will lose experience if you die here. If you die inside the house while trying to kill the Zombie Slaughter, you will respawn. If this happens, just go back to Nameless Island and enter the first house on the north path. Be cautious because when you enter the Zombie Slaughter will attack you without warning this time. 15. Following up with your investigation, you will have to make your way to floor 2 of the Monastery and investigate the Books on a desk in Hibram's quarters abbey0222368. 16. Continue to floor 3 of the Monastery. In the top right most corner of the map in a prison cell you will find a Man abbey03232233 collapsed on the ground. When you investigate the body, you will be attacked by the King's Corpse. This battle is fairly easy, if you can kill the regular monsters in the monastery you should be able to kill him. 17. Once killed, you can retreive the Token of King from the body. 18. Return to Larjes at the docks on Nameless Island, and give him the Token of King. You will be rewarded with 100,000 Base Experience. 19. Visit Father Bamph in Prontera again, and report your findings to him. 20. Return to High Priest Niren. You will be rewarded with 50,000 Base Experience.